Arriving here was not through pure intuition but rather involvement, decision, strategy and intuition. The roles of technology, innovation and development are fundamental. The coordination of all these services in all these places, central office and affiliates, could not be carried out without systems such as:



  • Fleet management systems to administer the vehicles.
  • ERP for corporate and financial management.
  • Warehouse management programs.
  • Commercial management CRM


All this is integrated in an internet environment to provide exact traceability for the clients.


For Marcotran, the use of all these systems is an effort of investment and adaptation to new processes, but at the same time, it keeps us all integrated in the same work philosophy and maintenance of high quality standards. The environment, energy, industrial competitiveness, logistical and mobility systems, security, infrastructures, social sciences, and technologies for vehicles and ships are some of the topics of the R&D+I Future Travelling conference, the first international event to be held on June 13 in Brussels. This meeting serves to establish the first links of transnational collaboration among organizations and to give new focus to beginning project ideas.




Transportation will be one of the priority areas in which the EU will act in the next years. For example, one of the pillars of the HORIZON 2020 program, responding directly to the political priorities and social challenges described in the Europe 2020 strategy, establishes among its six specific goals intelligent, ecological and integrated transportation. Liam Breslin, ground transport unit chief of the General Research Administration of the European Commission, stated that “6.8M€ (estimate) will be designated to the social challenge of intelligent, ecological and integrated transportation.” That is, it will be directed toward those projects that contribute to creating a European transportation system that uses resources efficiently, is respectful of the environment, is secure, and presents no discontinuities, to benefit the citizens, economy and society. http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/en/area/transport

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