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Who we are


Marcotran began its independent activity in the 1970’s as a transportation company in the Basque country. In 1984, the first contract in Zaragoza was signed with a transportation client, an important multinational of the automotive sector with whom it began its progress as transporter on its own. This is the first step that marks a before and after for Marcotran.

From that point, MT began to grow, targeting international markets such as Portugal and, especially, Germany, gaining new clients in the automotive and appliance sector. Why Germany and Portugal? - Because our clients had factories in both countries and thus there was a flow between them.



In a given moment, considering that most of the clients demanded services that went beyond full load shipping, in 1992 we decided to invest in the creation of our split loads division, Grupajes Europeos, today MT Logistics.

We have always grown by adapting ourselves to what the clients need. In 1997, when several of them outsourced their production, we again re-evaluated our direction, taking another important step: internationalization. After some analysis, we invested in some facilities in Pyskowice and placed our own small fleet there.




The challenge was clear: increase the fleet and penetrate the Russian, Byelorussian and Ukrainian market, responding to clients who either did not dare to sell the merchandise being shipped or, if they did so, depended on transporters in the East that worked with a service level very different from that to which they were accustomed.

All these years were very intense. We were already a small group: Marcotran, Grupajes Europeos and Marcotran Polska. We continued expanding the fleet, facilities and services, and from 2008 to today we have opened branches in Algeciras, Morocco, Vigo, Italy, Russia, Barcelona and, finally, in January of 2014, in Paris.



Today, our organization is a business group dedicated to the transportation and logistics sector with more than 30 years of experience and an international staff of more than 1300 employees of 29 different nationalities. It has billing of 185 million Euros last year, and its own vehicles of 850 trucks, 1300 trailers and more than 500,000 square meters of logistical facilities. 
The parameters that guide its market strategy are primarily:


  • Own resources.
  • Internationalization.
  • Diversity of mercantile sectors.
  • Wide geographic coverage.
  • Specialization in niche business.
  • High quality standards.
  • Training, repurposing and reinvention of human resources.
  • Latest generation technological resources.
  • Large accounts.
  • Great commitment.
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