Marcotran invests over 11 million to renovate and expand the fleet

The Mercedes Actros delivered to MarcotranInternational freight company Marcotran, which already began the fleet renewal and expansion last month with the delivery of the first Mercedes Actros, continues the process, which will continue througout the year with monthly deliveries of Mercedes and Volvo heads and platforms.

Due to the significant increase in activity, the annual plan of expanding fleet in 115 heads and 125 platforms, has been increased by 75 heads and 100 trailers more, reaching a total of 200 vehicles and 225 platforms.

The investment required to carry out this operation is over 11 million euros, which records the intention of expansion of the Group, due in part to the surge in client activity in sectors such as automotive, textile and retail.

The Mercedes Actros delivered to Marcotran

In addition, to undertake an expansion of this magnitude, the economic expansion is also needed, so the company plans to open new lines of business, which lead to an increase in traffic. Addressing new horizons within the African market is one of the fronts the company intends to strengthen because, for now, is one of the shafts with further increases in charges so far this year, having led the logistics operator to increase by 20% cruises Strait of Gibraltar this year, having made 8,000 trips in 2014.

Within this expansion must also mention the recent acquisition of new warehouses 7,000 and 8,000 square meters located next to the largest warehouse of the company, of 18,000 square meters.

So, with this expansion operation, Marcotran plans to establish itself as a major international logistics operators in Spain and have one of the largest own fleets, with higher quality and more efficient.


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