Competitiveness in transport


New technologies and the giga-trailer are keys of Aeutransmer’s workshop on “Improving Competitiveness in Highway Shipping of Merchandise”


The.workshop on Improving Competitiveness in the Highway shipping of merchandise organized by Aeutransmer and held this past October 23 boasted the presence of approximately one hundred professionals in the highway merchandise shipping sector. The workshop was moderated by the honorary president of the Association, Manuel Rouco.


The CEO and corporate marketing director of Marcotran, Jesús Marco Lopez, explained at the workshop how his company manages to be so competitive. He also stated that the increase in its competitiveness is connected to the increase in the productivity.

According to Marco, this increase is due to certain processes applied in Marcotran that have allowed “reducing the kilometers run empty from 11% to 9%,” something that due to the great volume of merchandise transported by the company, “is quite evident.”

To carry out these processes, Marco explained the importance of technology in the sector of the highway shipping of merchandise, indicating the equipment that Marcotran programmers use to optimize their work.

Due to these measures, Marco Lopez pointed out the growth his company has attained, 14% in 2013 and 10.5% so far in 2014.

Regarding the use of high tonnage vehicles, such as the “gigatrailers,” Jesús Marco was very enthusiastic, estimating a 30% reduction of traffic, also reducing its environmental impact. However, he admitted that these can only be used with certain routes and clients.


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