Jesús Marco, CEO de Marcotran

Marcotran international transport company CEO and commercial manager, Jesús Marco López, has been awarded with the `Top Road Transport Manager´ award, given by the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

In this edition have been awarded 65 managers from all over the world, including three spanish managers which are Jesús Marco, the ex-general manager of Gefco Spain, Dulsé Díaz, and the president of `La Mota´, Pedro Gutiérrez.

Marcotran Essence

La flota propia y el ambiente familiar que caracteriza a esta multinacional son dos factores que marcan la diferencia tal y como aseguran el delegado de Marcotran Iberia Sur, Luís Pérez,  el delegado de Marcotran Noreste, David Raposo, y la adjunta a dirección y ventas, Marta López. Haz click en la imagen para ver el video.

Ficha Marcotran en Logística y Transporte

Year after year Marcotran continues growing and has become one of the largest road-transport companies, highlighting their service to Russia. This growth makes further increasing revenue , while growing our own fleet of trucks and trailers.

megatruckFor quite a while, road transport companies are pending whether a final decision on the introduction of vehicles of 25.25 meters and 60 tonnes is taken, going a step beyond the current 16.5 meters and 40 tonnes.


Marcotran will participate in the next Aeutransmer workshop to improve the competitiveness of the sector


The Spanish Associations of Merchandise Shipping Users (Aeutransmer) will hold a workshop on Thursday October 23 on improving competitiveness in the highway shipping of merchandise.

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