Five advantages of `megatrucks´


megatruckFor quite a while, road transport companies are pending whether a final decision on the introduction of vehicles of 25.25 meters and 60 tonnes is taken, going a step beyond the current 16.5 meters and 40 tonnes.


Very recently it has been known that Traffic in Spain has cleared the megatrucks, or as we like to call: gigatrailer. This news has reopened too long debate about whether it is beneficial to implement the transport of 60 tons. There are cases of proven success across Europe, and its advantages are, at least, interesting.

Here we show a number of advantages that will change the minds of those who still look askance at these vehicles, known as "megatrucks".


1. Lowest price per tonne transported

It seems obvious, but there is still confusion on this point. The truck, to carry more cargo, consumes more fuel, around 25% more. However, the loading capacity is also increased by 33%, so that, overall computations per ton corresponds to less fuel, thus reducing the transportation cost per ton.


2. Higher load

As mentioned in the previous point, the load (weight), may increase by 33%, however, if we talk about europallets, we must speak of an increase of over 57% from the current 33 to 52. Certainly a significant increase leads to the next point.


3. Lower environmental impact

Will more large trucks  consuming more? Yes but no. Taking into count that a truck loaded with 40 tons makes an approximate consumption of 30 liters per 100km and one with 60 tn makes 40 l / 100km, makes clear that the impact would be greater conventional two trucks carrying the same load than 60tn, so that in addition to lower consumption, less pollution, lower density of vehicles on the road, etc ... with all that this implies for the environment.

Annually the emission of more than 305,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere would be avoided.


4. It would improve the country's productivity

When driving down the price of the transported ton, direct impact on consumer prices, which will provide greater buying power and can increase demand, positively affecting the economy. In addition, all the advantages mentioned is estimated to provide the whole society a profit of 700 million euros annually.


5. Improved circulation

Although we know the importance of transport of goods by road, found on the road a long line of trucks is not always pleasant, so that we can significantly reduce the number of vehicles and also running on concrete ways, can make life easier, and much, other drivers, better transit reconciled with trucks.



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