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Our organization has proposed collaborations to improve our surroundings, attempting to contribute through initiatives, agreements, campaigns and actions that allow us to help in social development in several ways. Some examples:


Marcotran Solidario
Marcotran Solidario, is a help line that aims to provide to employees and colleagues a way of collaborating continuously and openly with various campaigns intended for the support of those who, in one way or another, need our disinterested help.

Master’s Program grants
Master’s Program grants, a company based on learning always generates a spirit of open-mindedness, seeking innovation. We understand that training enriches us, motivates us and improves the quality of our work life.

Work integration agreements
Work integration agreements, intended to maintain a continuous integration concept, through agreements with various organizations specialized in the professional development of people with disabilities.

Commitment to the environment
Commitment to the environment, because we are concerned with the environment and we are ecology-conscious, we invest in R&D+I, with the firm purpose of minimizing the environmental effects of our activity.

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