Marcotran signs the agreement that will make the railway highway possible

Marcotran signs the agreement that will make the railway highway possible
This railway project will link the Port of Algeciras and the Logistics Platform of Zaragoza, allowing the semi-trailers to be loaded onto the train.
Publicado el 16 de October de 2021. 9:17h

The company Rail & Truck Strait Union, made up of Marcotran, EcoRaíl and CMA-CGM, will manage the future railway highway that will link the Port of Algeciras with the Logistics Platform of Zaragoza (PlaZa) after the signing of the action protocol with Adif last Friday October 15th.

The line will have a daily frequency, taking into account the current volume and forecasts. As indicated by the director of expansion and development of Marcotran, David Raposo, "currently, approximately 40,000 trucks pass through the port of Algeciras per month. The route, with the current volume, is more than enough for us to see an exponential increase in its I use year after year."

The infrastructure currently has more than a thousand kilometers of route, in which bridges and tunnels will have to be modified to adapt to the gauge of the semi-trailers loaded on the train.

The corridor will cross the Peninsula turning the PlaZa Logistics Platform into a reference terminal and as a connection between Africa and Europe, assuming the arrival of new businesses.

In environmental terms, the commissioning of the railway highway will reduce more than 94,000 tons of CO2 per year.


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