Joining Continents

For Marcotran, it is essential to be sustainable in the development of our activity, that is, we satisfy our present needs without jeopardising the fulfilment of the satisfaction of future generations.
This commitment guarantees the balance between economic growth, attention to the environment and social wellness.


The broad range of services offered by Marcotran (transport, distribution, agency, logistics, storage and customs) means that flexibility is a value present in all of its relations with its clients.
Due to its size and corporate experience, Marcotran is able to tailor its services according to its clients' needs, rendering its services in the most efficient way.

Looking ahead

Marcotran is geared towards expansion, growing and reinventing itself as society evolves. This is why, at present, it invests in air cargo, a crucial strategy for being flexible and adjusting its services to its clients' needs.

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We offer logistics and transport solutions wherever they’re needed!

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